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Views of Antigua

Author: Stobwasser, L.
Category: Website reference service

Around 1830 the company of Birmann & Fils published a suite of four aquatints after Stobwasser, of which one plate was engraved by F. Hegi while the other 3 plates were engraved by J. Hürlimann.
The four plates came in pale green paper wrappers and were accompanied by a loosely inserted sheet containing 8 pages of text.
Because the aquatints usually were framed, both the text pages and the wrappers got lost. In those cases where the suite was kept together in the original wrappers for some reason often the text part still got lost.

Unfortunately plate nr. 1 and plate nr. 4 both are marked as "No. 4". As the text is almost ever lacking, some confusion has arisen here and there which plate really is nr. 1. To clarify things, both the text and the plate are shown here, making it obvious that the plate titled:
"Vue de l'Etablissement des Missions à St. Johns dans l'Isle d'Antigoa aux Indes occidentales."
engraved by. F. Hegi, is misnumbered. This is nr. 1, while the plate titled:
"Vue de Cedarhall dans l'Isle d'Antigoa aux Indes occidentales."
is plate nr. 4.

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