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Souvenirs d'une exploration scientifique dans le nord de l'Afrique

Author: Bourguignat, J.R.
Year: 1868-1870
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Paris; Challamel ainé
Category: Africa North
Price: € 1,250.-

Contemporary ¾ shagreen over marbled boards, 4to., divided into 5 parts, viz.:
Des monuments symboliques de l’Algérie.:
pp. 1, (1), 24, {[3, (1)] * 3}.

Études géologique et paléontologique des hauts plateaux de l’Atlas entre Boghar et Tharet.:
pp. (2), 35, {[3, (1)] * 3}.

Histoire malacologique de la régence de Tunis.:
pp. (2), 36, {[3, (1)] * 1}, with 1 coloured map h.t.

Histoire des monuments mégalithiques de Roknia près d’Hammam-Meskhoutin.:
pp. (2)99, (1), {[3, (1)] * 9}, with 2 coloured maps h.t.

Histoire de Djebel-Thaya et des ossements fossilés receullis dans la grande caverne de la mosquée.:
pp. (2), 1, (1), 1, (1), 108, {[3, (1)] * 13}, with 4 coloured maps h.t. 

{[3, (1)] * x} meaning:
[3, (1)] = one lithographed plate plus description (4 pages in total) and
{ * x} = the number of lithographed plates plus description.
Leather on the boards a bit rubbed, corners a little bumped and with some edge-wear.
Top edges gilt, others uncut. The spine divided into six compartments by five raised bands, with the titles in the second compartment. The other compartments richly decorated in gilt.
This is a heavy book, measuring 33 x 26,5 x 6 cm.

The plates either are lithographs or tinted lithographs, while there are many illustrations in the text, of which some are in colour and of which some others are mounted lithographs.
All five individual parts of this work are rare, however, all five parts complete and bound into one volume are very rare.

Jules René Bourguignat, a French naturalist and malacologist, was born in 1829 and died in 1892.

Gay 872, 741, 1308, 1159 and 1096 respectively for the five parts.

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