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Buyten Uytrecht

Author: Roelant Roghman
Publisher: Amsterdam; J. Ottens
Category: Website reference service

Around 1650 Roelant Roghman made a number of drawings of the Dutch countryside. These drawings were published in three series of eight etchings each by Clément de Jonghe (W.Th. Kloek: De kasteeltekeningen van Roelant Roghman, part II. page 25/26; Canaletto 1990). This print appeared as etching no. 3 in the 2nd series. It is supposed to show an inn in or near De Bilt.
Apparently somewhere around 1700 Joachim Ottens had some or all (?) of the etchings from these series engraved and republished, of which this is the one near De Bilt. The size of the platemark is 132 x 212 mm, so apparently a fraction larger than the original etching.

Please follow the link below to a copy of the original etching by Clément de Jonghe with specifications.
Link: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/collectie/RP-P-OB-4263X

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