An Ivory Trader in North Kenia. the record of an expedition through Kikuyu to Galla-Land in East Equatorial Africa. With an account of the Rendili and Burkeneji Tribes.

Author: Arkell-Hardwick, A.
Year: 1903
Edition: First edition
Publisher: London, Longmans, Green and Co.
Category: Africa

Publisher's pictorial gilt stamped blue cloth, showing a native with a shield and spear in gilt. 8vo, xvi, 368. Complete with all illustrations and folding map. There is a small crack at the upper side of the endpapers of the backboard, but the joints are sound and strong and the binding is fine. Apparently this once was a library copy with a label on the lower spine and on the inside of the backboard. Both have been removed by a professional restorer. On the inner backboard it is only hardly visible, actually almost invisible, but the tail of the spine is a bit soiled. Absolutely no further markings indicating it possibly is an ex-lib copy indeed. Overall the binding is in a very good condition, with the gilt still bright on the front board, while the spine is a bit sun-faded. The contents are in an excellent condition; clean and free of any markings. The map too is in an excellent condition, with one very small tear in the inner margin and free of spotting.

The book deals with big game hunting in East Equatorial Africa in an era when it was still allowed.

Hess & Coger 1015.

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