Villæ Regiæ Risvicanæ Pace inter Germanos, Gallos, Anglos, Batavos, coeterosque Foederatos 20 Septemb 1697 facta, memoratissima Conspectus elegantes atque exacta.

Author: Schenk, P.
Year: 1700 (±)
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Amsterdam, Valk & Schenk
Category: Arts &tc.

No exact date is known when these engravings were published, however, it is very likely that the publication took place soon after the Treaty of Ryswick was signed, hence the British Library mentions: "±1700" and it seems reasonable to follow that date here.

A series of 13 engraved plates and an engraved title. Views of Ryswyk and its gardens and architecture (Koninklyk Huys at Ryswyk or Huys ter Nieuburch).
Issued to commemorate the famous Treaty between France on one side and The Dutch Republic, England, Spain and Germany on the other side. (Peace of Ryswick, Vrede van Rijswijk). This meant the end of the 9 years war. Spain and Germany regained their lost territories with the exception of the Elzas. Furthermore the French king Louis XIV recognized William III as king of England. The latter also got back the princedom of Orange (situated in France).Text in Latin and in Dutch.

A series of very nice and charming engravings.

Full modern red calf with in gilt the title “VILLÆ REGIÆ” on the front board. Title a bit creased and soiled, but the plates strong with minor toning and a very few spots of foxing.

Paper size: 21.5 x 28 cm
Plate size  : 16.5 x 20 cm
According to their catalogue the copy in the British Library has 14 plates. Their copy most likely contains the portrait of Joan Willem Friso, which appears in more copies as plate no. 1. However, in our copy the title page is numbered 1, while the engravings are numbered 2 through 14. Neither in ABPC nor in RBH copies with 14 plates appear. Only copies with 13 plates which are described as complete. There are six other copies, viz. in Koninklijke Bibliotheek at the Hague, the University of Delaware Library, the Bibliotheek Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Universitäts- und Forschungsbibliothek Erfurt/Gotha, the Herzog August Bibliothek and the Rijksmuseum Research Library.
We haven't been able to trace any other copies, neither in the Library of Congress nor anywhere else.

Schenk (or Schenck), Petrus; born Elberfeld, baptized 26 Dec 1660; died Amsterdam, 1717? Dutch etcher, mezzotint engraver and publisher of German birth. He moved to Amsterdam while young and became a pupil of his future brother-in-law, Gerard Valck. With Valck he bought the property of the publisher Jan Jansz. in 1683. Schenk’s importance lies in his activities as a publisher of portraits and series of topographical prints, rather than in his achievements as an artist. Like Valck, he published various series of prints in colour. Except for a few portraits, most of his prints are reproductive. Almost 800 of the total of 986 prints attributed to him are mezzotints. However, most of the prints published under his name are etchings. In choice of subject-matter and the selection of the artists whose work is reproduced, Schenk’s prints are representative of the taste predominant in the period between c. 1680 and 1715.

A rare book with very generous margins.

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