The famous church of St. Paul in London. De so vermaerde Kerk van S. Paul tot London. Templum D. Pauli apud Londinalis Spectatis Semu.

Author: Schenk, Pet.
Year: 1702
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Amsterdam; Valk & Schenk
Category: Europe

A 17th century view on St. Pauls Cathedral over the River Thames. Obviously from a drawing made before the Great Fire of 1666 and engraved by Pieter (Petrus) schenk in 1702. In fine, old hand colouring. Possibly a print from Hecatompolis, sive Totius orbis Terrarum Oppida Nobiliora Centum.
The paper size is 234 x 279 mm, while the size of the platemark is 210 x 263 mm. An invisible short tear within the plate area, further in a fine condition.

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