Introduction to Entomology

Author: Jardine, Sir William
Year: 1840
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Edinburgh: W. H. Lizars
Category: Arts &tc.


Jardine, Sir William, editor

The Naturalist's Library, Vol I, Introduction to Entomology

Edinburgh: W. H. Lizars, 1840. 8vo, 1st ed., xvi (incl. portrait of Baron de Geer, hand coloured introduction page, titles), pp 17-331 plus the plates bound after the text.

Illustrated with 35 plates, of which 30 finely coloured by hand.

Original cloth, spine with gilt lettering but heavily sunfaded. The whole binding still only loosely holding the bookblock, of which the quires are loosening as well.

Some very minor foxing, mainly near the edges.

This volume still being part of the original edition, not from the later socalled “People’s Edition”,

A poor copy, however, with the plates in excellent condition and finely coloured.

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