The history of the Grand Visiers, Mahomet, and Achmet Coprogli, Of the three last Grand Signiors, their Sultana's and Chief Favourites; With the most secret Intrigues of the Seraglio.

Author: Anonymous [François de Chassepol]
Year: 1677
Edition: First edition
Publisher: London; H. Brome
Category: The Levant

20th Century half calf over old paper covered boards, 8vo., 5 ƒƒ, pp. 277. A flat, gilt spine divided in 6 compartments with a green morocco label in the second compartment with a gilt title.

On four pages with a colour pencil either a part of a sentence is underlined or a line has been placed in the margin. The following pages have been misnumbered:

pp. 66, 67 numbered 50, 51
pp. 70, 71 numbered 54, 55
pp. 74, 75 numbered 58, 59
pp. 78, 79 numbered 62, 63
page 139 numbered 193

The frontispiece by W. Dolle has been cut short at the top edge and there is a small hole in page 119 with the loss of a letter.


Atabey 224, Blackmer 327.

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