Voyage en Perse (In luxurious binding)

Author: Soltykoff, Le Prince Alexis
Year: 1854
Edition: Third edition
Publisher: Paris; Victor Lecou
Category: Prince Alexis Soltykoff

Richly gilt and decorated cloth, 8vo., pp. 4, 164, enpapers and blanks plus 22 lithographs h.t. A simple undecorated spine. The boards richly decorated in gilt and with coloured onlays, depicting a female Persian musician on the frontboard and a male musician on the backboard, all edges gilt.

The flat spine is without a title or any form of decoration. This binding is sometimes found containing the first edition of this book with the title on the spine, but occasionally it is found as well as the binding for 'Souvenirs de l'Inde". There are no auction records for a third edition in this binding and this copy has not been rebacked, so that we must assume that it was bound without a title on the spine.

All plates lithograhed by Trayer and printed by Plista and every plate protected by a tissue guard.

The captions of the plates read as follows:
Entrée de l'ambassade de Perse à Saint-Pétersbourg
Prince circassien
Environs de Vladikavkaze
Le monastère d'Etsch-Miadzine
Aux approches de Nakhitschevan
Danse nocturne à Miana
Aspect de l'Irac
Le bazar de Zendjan
Hadji-Mohammad à Saint-Pétersbourg
Femmes persanes
Le bazar de Gazbine
Arrivée à Téhéran
Nassr-Eddin-Mirza, héritier du trône
Le premier ministre sortant de chez le roi
Le roi allant se promener
Le roi de Perse, Mohamed-Schah
Retour de Téhéran à Saint-Pétersbourg
Some light foxing throughout.

Although first published only in 1851, This book deals with the time Prince Soltykoff spent in Persia in 1838 at the end of his diplomatic career.

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