Great rivers of the world. The Euphrates and the Tigris. A narrative of discovery and adventure with a description of the ruins of Babylon and Nineveh.

Author: Anonymous
Year: 1879
Edition: First edition
Publisher: London; Thomas Nelson and sons
Category: Asia

Publisher's purple cloth, stamped in blind and black, as well as in gilt, 8vo., 167 x 110 mm (paper size), preliminary - and trailing blank, pp. 206. A general view of Mosul as frontispiece.

Gilt still very bright on frontboard and spine. The back board stamped in blind.

Illustrated with 17 woodcuts, including the frontispiece and a map hors texte.

This book was reprinted in 1881 and 1884, always with the same frontcover design, however, in various colours and execution.
In 1881 it appeared in a blue and in a brown cloth, stamped in black and gilt. In 1884 it was published in red cloth, stamped in black and gilt, as well as in blue cloth stamped in black and red.
The edition of 1884 with an amended title page.

An extremely rare first edition and, despite the abundance in the colour of the cloth and design of later editions, rare in any edition.

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