Comparison of some plates of Meroe

Author: Cailliaud / Hoskins
Year: 1823 - 1835
Edition: Compare
Category: Website reference service

There is some controversy about the accuracy of some of the plates of Meroe by respectively Messrs. Cailliaud and Hoskins, as noted by Henze:
Seine Zeichnungen fanden in Cailliaud einen scharfer Kritiker. (His [i.e. Mr. Hoskins] drawings were heavily criticized by Cailliaud.)

And on the site of the New York Art Resources Consortium a handwritten note by Cailliaud is shown with the translated text underneath:
The plans and views of the monuments in upper Nubia in my Voyage à Méroé offer differences, more or less noticeable, with the drawings in the work of M. Hoskins. I think that I should point out that these differences are all to my advantage. I know that M. Hoskins himself cannot think otherwise. (Translation by Wilbour Library staff)

The pictures below compare some of these drawings by M. Cailliaud (odd nrs.) and Mr. Hoskins (even nrs.).

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