Volmaakte geography

Author: Hubner, Johann
Year: 1733
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Amsterdam, Janssoons van Waesberge
Category: Arts &tc.


Hubner, Johann; Volmaakte geography, Amsterdam 1733, Janssoons van Waesberge. 3 Vols., 8o.

Vol. 1: 2, xvi, 702, register, 4

Vol. 2: 2, xxi, 794, register, 2

Vol. 3: 2, xii, 835, register, 2

 Vol. 1 deals with Portugal, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

 Vol. 2 deals with Prussia, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Asia, Africa, America and Unknown Countries.

 Vol. 3 deals with the German States with the exception of Prussia.

Comtempory vellum, a bit soiled, with caligraphed titles on the spines. Bindings sound. Title pages printed in black and red. Hubner’s work for students was very popular throughout the 18th century and was translated into several languages.

Tiele 514.

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